Standard Camping is included in the price of a Festival Weekend Camping Ticket and camping plots are unallocated.

Standard Camping Plot: 3 x 3m

Standard Family Camping Plot: 4 x 4m


A Standard Camping Ticket does not include a tent or any facilities other than access to toilets and running water.


This Add-on includes

  • A dedicated plot for four nights
  • A pre-erected tent, pitched and ready on your arrival

Pre-built camping is an upgrade option and must be purchased as an add-on to your Standard Weekend Camping Ticket.

  • 2-Person Tent: £130 (£65 per person)
  • 4-Person Tent: £230 (£58 per person)
  • 6-Person Tent: £350 (£58 per person)
  • 8-Person Tent: £400 (£50 per person)


Reserve a hassle-free pre-pitched bell tent for four nights. These high-quality bell tents are light and airy, and are designed to give you a relaxing stay in style.

Lemonade Field Premium Camping ServicesPre-Built Bell Tent // Dedicated Plot // Reception // Hay Bale Seating // Festival Goodie Bags // Charging Station

  • 2-Person Bell Tent: £270 (£135 per person)
  • 4-Person Bell Tent:£380 (£95 per person)
  • 6-Person Bell Tent: £480 (£80 per person)


Reserve a hassle-free pre-pitched tipi for four nights. These high-quality tipis are light and airy, and are designed to give you a relaxing stay in style.

Candyfloss Field Premium Camping ServicesPre-Built Tipi // Dedicated Plot // Reception // Hay Bale Seating // Festival Goodie Bags // Charging Station

  • 2-Person Tipi: £270 (£135 per person)
  • 4-Person Tipi:£380 (£95 per person)
  • 6-Person Tipi: £480 (£80 per person)


Let’s go glamping! Our Festival Huts are wooden lodges that can either be set out with a double bed (for 2 people) or two sets of bunk beds (for 4 people) to ensure a dry, comfortable night’s sleep. They’re spacious, with large shutters that open for plenty of light and fresh air, and each has a power outlet, interior lighting and insulated roofing. There’s plenty of room for two inside each Festival Hut, with an additional outdoor area at the front for relaxing with friends.

  • If you are bringing children under the age of 5, you can book a festival hut for 2 adults and bring a cot or small child’s bed for no extra cost. Maximum 2 children (under 5) will be allowed in each 2-person glamping hut.
  • You must bring your own bed linen, but mattresses are supplied.
  • 2-Person Festival Hut: £500 (£250 per person)
  • 4-Person Festival Hut: £700 (£175 per person)


  • Reception & dedicated entrance
  • One parking space next to The Glamping Field
  • Use of festival trollies
  • Access to shared phone-charging station
  • Access to shared pampering station (Hairdryers & straighteners)
  • Private breakfast zone
  • Heated & managed shower blocks
  • Private glamping toilets
  • Festival gift boxes
  • Dedicated glamping support team


This Add-on is designed for people who want to bring their own camper van. Each camper van will have a dedicated parking space with a small outdoor area for relaxing and socialising. We do not provide a camper van hire service within the festival. SERVICES: Access to Standard Camping food, water, toilet facilities and community area.


  • This Add-on must be purchased alongside a Full Weekend Camping Ticket.
  • Your plot will fit a standard 5-person camper van – if you plan on bringing a larger vehicle, please contact the Meraki team to make additional arrangements.
  • Max 5-Person Camper Van Plot: £40
  • Max 8-Person Camper Van Plot: £80